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Barrier-free bathing with an assisted walk in bath.

Safety Tubs® walk-in bathtubs offer barrier-free, assisted bathing to all those who suffer from mobility impairment or physical disabilities. Our tubs assist your entry and exit with a wide U-shaped door so that you don't have to strain yourself by having to step over and into your bath. Safety Tubs® T5 Door System Technology also has a watertight seal which is guaranteed for life. Learn More about our walk-in door technology.

Assisted walk in baths- Independence, convenience and comfort! .

If you have required assistance from your spouse, family, friends or a hired individual for your bath, or if you've found all of those band-aid type solutions for your existing traditional bath just aren't cutting it, try our assisted bathing walk-in bath from Safety Tubs® and rediscover independence and convenience once again. A walk-in tub from Safety Tubs® has all of the safety features you require to assist you in your bathing. In addition to our patented door system, our walk-in bath also assists you in your bathing with our standard built-in safety bar, chair-height seat, non-slip tub floor, and much more.


For your convenience, our tub is also practically maintenance free offering acrylic construction and an optional Ozone Self-Cleaning System. This safe and effective sanitation system automatically oxidizes and eliminates disease causing microorganisms in the tub, plumbing and jets and does not require active user participation. It is approved by the USDA, FDA and EPA, and is the most effective cleaning system available for bathing environments and is available with both our jet and dual massage systems. In addition, our tubs fit perfectly in any bathroom regardless of the size and space and you can fill in empty spaces between a wall and the tub with our Extension Kits.
Assisted Bathing with Safety Tubs®


Not only does a Safety Tub® walk-in bath assist you in your bathing making it safe and easy to take a bath, it also provides the ultimate bathing experience in comfort and luxury with our many spa-like options including Water Massage Systems, Legs Only Massage, Chromatherapy and Aromatherapy.

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