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Walk-in bathtubs designed for the elderly at an affordable price.

Safety Tubs® are designed for the elderly and make it easy to get in and out of the tub with our walk in door design. Our step in tubs also give you the confidence and security to take a bath or shower knowing the many safety features that come with your Safety Tub®. Everything about a Safety Tub® is designed to give you the freedom to bathe, on your own, securely and with confidence without breaking the bank.

Safety Tubs® elderly designed walk in bathtub door feature.

The patented T5 door system technology eliminates the need to step over the front of the tub and allows safe and easy entry and exit. Our walk-in tub makes it effortless so you can enjoy the ease of bathing. No stepping or straining to get in or out of the tub.
Learn more about our walk in door technology.

Standard safety and convenience features for your walk in bath tubs.

Our chair height, contoured seat is built-in for easy up and down. All Safety Tubs® come with a color-matched, built-in safety bar to further assist your exit and entry. Every Safety Tubs® walk in bathtub comes with our slip resistant tub floor which adds even more security to your bath or shower.

Enjoy the healing power and the comfort of our step in bath.

Safety Tubs® elderly oriented walk in tubs are the perfect bathtub choice for independent living. Safety Tubs® universal design allows everyone in the family – including those experiencing age and mobility challenges – to enjoy safe, luxurious soaks and massages. Our elderly designed bath tubs will help alleviate aches and pains that you may suffer from due to arthritis, diabetes, and other ailments. You will notice a difference in how you feel after just one warm, deep soak or therapeutic massage. Used regularly, the Safety Tub® will literally transform your life. Step in and enjoy the comfy spa-like experience without paying more for the added benefits.




Walk-in bathtubs designed for the elderly

Even elderly designed bathrooms can have options – showers or baths!

Wall mounted or hand-held shower faucet allows you to have more options. The ergonomically designed handle is perfectly balanced for easy gripping and aiming. You can use it standing up or sitting down for safe and secure showers and baths. Learn more about our premium faucets.

Shower or bathe in a Safety Tub® and see the difference.

Safety Tubs® are specifically designed with elderly and other mobility challenged individuals in mind. If you need to make adjustments to your bathroom for yourself or an elderly loved one, know that simply adding grab bars, chairs, and other band-aid type accessories aren’t a solution. You’ll find that conventional tubs were never designed for such use. Add to that the fact that most people find they aren’t very helpful, are costly, and can get in the way. Safety Tubs® have all of the features and options necessary to suit individual elderly needs and at the same time offers freedom, comfort, independence and convenience all at an affordable price.

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Safety Tubs®