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Do Safety Tubs® Walk-In Tubs Have Whirlpool Options?

Yes, They Do!

Every Safety Tub® walk-in bathtub comes in 4 different hydrotherapy styles:
  • Soaking Tub™
  • Hydro Jet Massage™
  • Air Bubble Massage™
  • Dual Massage™

And because all Safety Tubs®  are twice the depth of normal bathtubs, you will always enjoy a warm, deep therapeutic soak.

Once used only in health spas, warm whirlpool bath therapy is now a common and effective treatment for symptoms of arthritis, back pain and other common ailments. While soaking in warm water alone increases circulation and helps realize the relief of certain types of pain, the addition of hydro jet and air bubble massage greatly increases the overall health benefits of a warm bath.

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Safety Tubs walk-in tubs come with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

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