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Will a Safety Tub® Walk-in Tub Fit In My Bathroom?

Safety Tubs® Walk-In Tubs Come in a variety of Sizes - All Designed To Replace a Standard Bathtub.

Because bathrooms are built in many sizes, Safety Tubs® makes a variety of different sized tubs to fit in just about any space. For the largest and roomiest soaking experience, Safety Tubs® offers a 60" long x 32“ wide walk-in tubs. For traditionally sized bathrooms, Safety Tubs® offers a 51" long x 30" wide walk-in bath. For bathrooms that would benefit from a tub taking up less space, Safety Tubs® offers a 51" long x 26“ wide walk-in bathtubs. For extremely tight spaces, a 48” long x 28” wide walk in tub is also available.

Safety Tubs® Extension Kit Ensures A Perfect Fit!

In addition to three different walk-in tub sizes, Safety Tubs® also offers a sizeable Extension Kit to ensure a perfect fit in standard and custom bathtub spaces. Comprised of two adjustable 20" width panels that fit between the end of the tub and the wall, the Safety Tubs® extension kit comes with all the hardware required, ensuring the tub fits perfectly into the space you have. The kit is available in white and biscuit, both of which match the tub perfectly. Extension Kits are available for purchase for the 51" x 30" and 51" x 26" models.
Safety Tubs walk-in tubs come with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

To learn more about Safety Tubs®, please visit www.safetytubs.com

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