GELCOAT 60"x30" Walk In Bath 54"x30" Walk In Bath 52"x30" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
ACRYLIC 60"x32"x37" Walk In Bath 60"x32"x32" Walk In Bath 51"x30" Walk In Bath 51"x26" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
SHOWER 60” x 30’ x 37” Seated Safety Shower

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As Seen on The Price is Right
Walk-In Tub Special
Walk-In Tub Special
Walk-In Tub Special
MVP Product of the Year
As seen on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

How Do I Get My Safety Tub® Walk-In Tub Installed?

Installing a Safety Tub® Walk-in Bathtub is Easier Than Installing a Regular Bathtub

All Safety Tubs® are self-contained in a 1” primed metal support frame with five leveling feet, making installation very easy: any licensed plumber can do the job.  Because Safety Tubs® walk-in tubs fit regular tub spaces, no remodeling is needed. All Safety Tubs® come in both right-hand and left-hand versions and with adjustable extenders to ensure a perfect fit.
Safety Tubs walk-in tubs come with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

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