GELCOAT 60"x30" Walk In Bath 54"x30" Walk In Bath 52"x30" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
ACRYLIC 60"x32"x37" Walk In Bath 60"x32"x32" Walk In Bath 51"x30" Walk In Bath 51"x26" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
SHOWER 60” x 30’ x 37” Seated Safety Shower

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As Seen on The Price is Right
Walk-In Tub Special
Walk-In Tub Special
Walk-In Tub Special
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Are Safety Tubs® Affordable?

Safety Tubs® Acrylic and Gelcoat Walk-In Baths are competitively priced versus other brands of walk-in bathtubs and traditional whirlpool tubs.

Safety Tubs® state of the art manufacturing techniques allow you to enjoy all the premium qualities of exceptionally well designed and produced acrylic and fiberglass walk-in tubs at similar costs to walk in tubs of lesser quality, and to well known brands of traditional whirlpool tubs. With Safety Tubs® Walk-In Bathtubs, You’ll enjoy a safer, healthier, more relaxing and easier to maintain bathing environment, without paying more for the benefit!

Please call one of our product specialists, toll-free, for Safety Tubs® pricing: 800-250-7832

Safety Tubs walk-in tubs come with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

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