Walk-In Bathtubs by Safety Tubs

The Popular 51" x 30" Walk In Bath Tub

The 51" x 30" acrylic Safety Tub® walk-in tub is our most popular selling model. It provides the same therapeutic experience as the larger 60" x 32" model, but fits into a slightly smaller space. The 51" x 30" tub features a full sized, V-shaped door (with Safety Tubs® patented T5™ Door System technology) to accommodate its 51" length while offering roomy entry and exit. The 51" x 30" is a mid-size walk-in tub offering all the thoughtful comfort, safety and convenience features inherent to all Safety Tub® products.


51" long x 30" wide x 37" high

Operating Capacity

60 gallons


Heat molded acrylic


White or biscuit