Acrylic 60” x 30’ x 37” Seated Safety Shower™ Benefits

Life-Changing Independence
The Acrylic Seated Safety Shower TM makes showering simple and safe so that you can have the benefit of independence in your own home. Everything about a Safety Tubs® Acrylic Seated Safety Shower™ is designed to give you the freedom to shower – on your own – in a secure, comfortable and convenient environment. Just walk-in, close the doors and enjoy!

Feel Confident and Secure
If you or someone you know feels insecure or unsafe while showering, the Safety Tubs® Acrylic Seated Safety Shower™ is right for you. It is built to be used by everyone regardless of age or ability and makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a nice warm and cozy shower. The wide, contoured, full-sized seating area is recessed in the front to make it easy to stand or sit in your shower and the low 3” threshold and a built-in wrap-around grab bar are just a few features that make showering safe with a Safety Tubs® Acrylic Seated Safety Shower™.

Easy Addition to any Bathroom
The Safety Tubs® Acrylic Seated Safety Shower™ can be easily installed in any bathroom. They fit into all standard bath or shower openings and can be customized with two color options; white or biscuit, left or right hand configurations and can be completed with a traditional shower curtain or shower doors to match the décor you already have in your bathroom.