Acrylic 60” x 30’ x 37” Seated Safety Shower™ Features

  • Acrylic Construction
    • Looks new longer & provides healthier bathing environment
    • Non-porous and easy to clean, more durable
    • Choice of top tub designers for aesthetic & health qualities
    • Resists fading, cracking & chipping
    • Provides high gloss finish that is bacteria & mold resistant
  • Numerous Safety Features
    Every Safety Tub® Seated Safety Shower™ produced contains numerous safety features for your peace of mind, including:
    • Wide, built-in, contoured seat so you can choose to either sit or stand in your shower
    • Innovative wrap-around grab bar
    • Slip resistant floor
    • Low, 3” threshold
    • ... & more
  • Additional Features
    Create a custom feel while maintaining your showering comfort and confidence
    • Freestanding metal support frame for easy installation.
    • Complete the look of your shower with a traditional shower curtain or shower doors
    • Accessory ledge for personal items
    • Built-in armrest