60 x 32" x 32" Walk-In Bathtub Features

  • Patented T5™ Door System
    Revolutionary T5™ Door Frame provides strength and durability
    • Maintains tub strength with moisture changes in the bathroom
    • Provides a completely flat surface for a watertight seal
    • Integral hinge channel for absolute door alignment
    • Dedicated seal track allows for easy field replacement
    • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum construction
  • Santoprene® T5™ Watertight Door Seal is guaranteed not to leak, for life
    • Durable material maintains shape for years of trouble-free use
    • Specially engineered bulb & base ensures watertight seal
    • Resistant to UV, fatigue, water, acids, oils & lubricants
    • Easy to clean
  • Robust T5™ Door Hinge always functions properly
    • Premium grade aluminum for strength & durability
    • Stainless steel stake pin for longevity
    • Non-corrosive color-matched finish
    • Engineered for smooth operation
  • Soft Touch T5™ Door Handle System provides easy use
    • Remarkably engineered for watertight seal
    • Stainless steel sloped strike plate insures secure closure
    • Ergonomic handle for comfort & ease of operation
    • Specially designed for minimal closing effort
  • Elegantly Styled T5™ Finishing Caps boast beautiful attention to detail
    • Prevents water penetration at top of door seal
    • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum
    • Provides finish detail to the T5™ door system
  • Legs Only Massage™ System (Jet & Dual Massage Systems Only)
    A therapuetic massage for your lower extremities
    • Fill the tub half-way for a quick leg massage
    • Shuts off or reduces flow of back and thigh jets
    • Easy to operate
  • Self-Cleaning Sanitary System (Jet & Dual Massage Systems Only)
    Ozone cleaning system, eliminating maintenance
    • Approved by the NSF, FDA & EPA
    • Safe & effective sanitation system that automatically oxidizes & eliminates disease-causing microorganisms in the tub, plumbing & jets
    • No user participation required
  • Acrylic Construction
    Looks new longer & provides healthier bathing environment
    • Non-porous and easy to clean, more durable
    • Choice of top tub designers for aesthetic & health qualities
    • Resists fading, cracking & chipping
    • Provides high gloss finish that is bacteria & mold resistant
  • Numerous Safety Features
    Every Safety Tub® produced contains numerous safety features for your peace of mind, including:
    • Chair height, built-in seat for easy up & down
    • Built-in safety bars
    • Slip-resistant tub floor
    • Easy-grip door handles
    • ... & more
  • Color Matched Drain, Overflow & Safety Bar
    Creates a beautiful, designer look to enhance your bathroom aesthetics
  • Fits into all standard tub spaces
    Every Safety Tub® is designed to fit into existing tub spaces
    • No need for expensive remodels
    • Use optional Extension Kits for perfect fits, every time
    • Convert any bathroom into a premium Safety Tub® Bathroom