Walk In Bathtub Construction

Safety TubŪ Brand Products Come Complete with Superior Design and Construction, and Are Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Designed by Experts with Input From Our Customers

Safety Tubs®, the most trusted brand in walk-in tubs, are designed by one of the world’s foremost experts in walk-in tub design with input from our customers. Safety Tubs® builds its products strictly to satisfy the people who purchase them, so what better way to ensure a perfect product than by integrating customer feedback into the design process. The result is a walk-in bathtub with tons of thoughtful features that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Safety, Convenience and Comfort: That's the Safety Tub® Way

Everything about a Safety Tub® walk-in tub – and we mean everything, from the steel construction to the watertight door – is of the highest quality construction for your ultimate enjoyment, peace of mind and trouble-free use. And, unlike other brands of walk-in tubs, Safety Tubs® are made in the USA of acrylic instead of fiberglass, making your bathing environment healthier and extending your walk-in tub's usability and beauty for years to come.

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Seated Safety Shower Construction

Built with Ground-Breaking Technology and Innovation

The Safety Tubs® Seated Safety Shower™ was designed and built with the utmost thought and care for the end user. Using the most up to date technologies and highest quality materials Safety Tubs® has created the first ever seated shower with a full sized molded seat. Built as one unit with a solid Acrylic shell and no seams for easy maintenance and durability. It was also made with a free-standing metal support frame for strength and remarkable support as well as to make installation a breeze.

The Seated Safety Shower™ for a Comfy, Safe and Independent Shower

This walk in shower comes with many unique features to make anyone’s showering experience simple and relaxing. First, it was constructed with a wide, full-sized built-in seat that is recessed in the front to give you the option of standing or sitting in your shower. The lower  threshold makes it easy to enter and exit your shower and the built-in wrap-around grab bar and non-slip floor gives you the confidence and security to stand or sit anywhere in your shower. In addition to these innovative safety and convenience features, you can also enjoy more custom features like a built-in armrest, accessory ledge and the option of using shower doors or a shower curtain to keep with the current design of your bathroom.