Walk-In Bathtubs by Safety Tubs

Gelcoat Walk-In Tubs

Gelcoat is short for "gel-coat fiberglass reinforced polyester," more popularly known as "fiberglass". The "gel-coating" is a layer of smooth, shiny material that lays on top of the fiberglass. It is what gives the material its smooth finish and its color. The fiberglass reinforced polyester lies beneath, and it is what gives the material its strength. With proper maintenance, gelcoat tubs will keep their color and luster for a long time.

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Walk-In Bathtubs by Safety Tubs

Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Acrylic is one of the most durable bath and shower materials on the market. With its strong acrylic surface and composite backing material, it's resistant to the rigors of everyday life -- no cracks, no chips. Because its color goes through the thickness of the material, it won't dull or fade. Safety Tubs® utilizes LUCITE® brand acrylic.

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Walk-In Bathtubs by Safety Tubs

Acrylic Seated Safety Shower

Safety Tubs® – the industry’s leading pioneers in walk-in bathtub technologies – have added an amazing and innovative new safe bathing product to their line-up; The Safety Tubs® Seated Safety Shower™. The Seated Safety Shower™ provides the utmost in independent showering by allowing users to move about freely in their showers without worrying about falls or slips or struggling to stand and sit. Before this ground-breaking product was designed, nearly every person struggling with maintaining their bathing independence was forced to retrofit their old, standard shower stalls with grab bars that were bolted in place and temporary hard plastic seating. Safety Tubs® researched alternatives and listened to their customers, and – using cutting edge molding technologies – designed the new Seated Safety Shower™ from the ground up as a wholly-integrated seated shower unit. Safety Tubs® first venture into seated shower design sets the standard for safety showers with its free-standing metal support frame, wide, built-in, full-sized seating area, liberal dimensions, color matched integrated wrap-around safety grab bar, and high quality cast acrylic construction for durability, low-maintenance and ease of cleaning. The new Seated Safety Shower™ literally surrounds you in comfort, convenience and safety.

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Walk-In Bathtubs by Safety Tubs

Walk-In Tub Accessories

Safety Tubs® brand walk in bathtubs come complete with supporting accessories to ensure tubs fit perfectly in the space they're install and to ensure you have the best available bathing experience.

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