GELCOAT 60"x30" Walk In Bath 54"x30" Walk In Bath 52"x30" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
ACRYLIC 60"x32"x37" Walk In Bath 60"x32"x32" Walk In Bath 51"x30" Walk In Bath 51"x26" Walk In Bath 48"x28" Walk In Bath
SHOWER 60” x 30’ x 37” Seated Safety Shower

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Walk-In Tub Special
Walk-In Tub Special
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Safety Tubs®

The safest brand in Walk In Tubs

A Safety Tub® is perfect for you and your loved ones if safe and easy bathing is a concern. Our universal design allows everyone, including elderly, disabled or mobility impaired people to enjoy safe, luxurious soaks and massages. Safety Tubs® has all of the necessary safety features to make bathing safe and convenient.

Safety Tub T5 Door System – our proprietary leak proof door system.

Safety Tubs® revolutionary T5™ Door System eliminates the need to step over the front of the tub and allows safe and effortless entry and exit. No stepping or straining to get in or out of the tub.

Safety Tubs® built-in seat for safe bathing.

The built-in, contoured, chair height seat, is standard in all Safety Tubs® walk-in bathtubs. Safety Tubs® are nearly twice as deep as regular bathtubs so you’ll enjoy much more room to soak, without the worry or struggle of getting up or down.

Additional built-in safety features on every SafetyTub® walk in bathtub.

The built-in safety bar and slip resistant tub floor adds even more security and further increases your peace of mind. These additional safety features are included in all Safety Tubs® brand walk-in tubs. Every detail about the Safety Tub® is designed for your independence, safety, comfort and convenience.

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Safety Tubs®