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Curbs Arthritis Pain

"My Safety Tub has changed my life. The spa and heating options have turned my baths into therapeutic sessions that noticeably curb my arthritis pain." B. Hastings, Hudson, FL

Makes Bathing Easy

"I suffer from limited mobility, and getting in and out of a tub was out of the question before my Safety Tub. Now, I just walk through a door, sit down and voila! I enjoy a wonderful bathing experience." K. Brown, Sacramento, CA

Promotes Comfort

"The built-in chair in my Safety Tub is at the perfect height. It allows me to sit easily while I bathe and is much more comfortable than standing." E. Alvarez, Scottsdale, AZ

Luxury For Now and the Future
"My wife and I started our bathtub search by looking at traditional whirlpool tubs and we stumbled upon Safety Tubs® by accident. Neither one of us currently has issues getting in and out of tubs, but we both realize that day may not be far off. So, after doing our homework, we decided to buy a Safety Tub®. I'm thrilled with our decision. I absolutely love the luxury of the Total Massage System. It's just like having a Jacuzzi, only the chair makes bathing and soaking a far more comfortable experience. And my wife loves how gorgeous it looks in our master bathroom, too." J. McBride, Annapolis, MD

The Best Thing
"The Safety Tub is the best thing that has ever happened to me" A. Moncrief, Lafayette, GA

The Tub of the Future
"My bathroom is becoming a room of interest to our neighbors and friends. Everyone loves the looks and I think you may be getting some calls from some of them soon. Well, thanks again and you have a great product here - I think this is the tub of the future." The Glenns, Newman, Il

Safety Features Offer Peace of Mind

"After I fell and broke my hip last year, my daughter worried about me getting in and out of my bathtub, so she bought me a Safety Tub. I love it. All the thoughtful safety features have brought peace of mind to both of us." G. Hale, Atlanta, GA

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