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Walk In Bath Tubs

See for yourself the many benefits, features and options in a Safety Tub that make our walk in bathtubs stand out above the rest.


Safety Tubs® walk in tubs door feature for easy in and out of your bathtub.

Safety Tubs® patented T5 Door System Technology eliminates the need to step over the front of the tub and allows safe and effortless entry and exit. Our walk in tub makes it easy to get in and out of the tub and enjoy the comfort of bathing. Simply walk in, close the door and relax. No stepping or straining to get in or out of the tub. Best of all, our exclusive door system guarantees a watertight seal for life. It’s an ingenious solution that doesn’t need special care or maintenance. Your walk-in door is guaranteed not to warp, rust or leak.

How does the water-tight door work on your walk-in bathtubs?

Safety Tubs® watertight door seal system forms a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the door seal making it completely leak proof. Safety Tubs® guarantees the door seal for life!

Our bath tubs Santoprene® T5 water-tight door seal.

  • Highly durable material maintains shape for years of trouble free use
  • Specially engineered bulb and base ensures watertight performance
  • Resistant to UV, fatigue, water, acids, oils, and lubricants
  • Easy to clean

Revolutionary T5 door frame provides your tub with strength and durability.

  • Maintains tub strength with moisture changes in the bathroom
  • Provides a completely flat surface for a watertight seal
  • Integral hinge channel for absolute door alignment
  • Dedicated seal track allows for easy field replacement
  • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum construction

Robust T5 door hinge for consistent and proper functionality of your walkin tub.

  • Premium grade aluminum for strength and durability
  • Stainless steel stake pin for longevity
  • Non-corrosive, color-matched finish
  • Engineered for smooth operation
Safety Tubs® premier walk-in tubs package

Premium Soft Touch™ T5 door handle system for effortless ease of use.

  • Remarkably engineered for water-tight seal
  • Stainless steel sloped strike plate insures secure closure
  • Ergonomically styled handle for comfort and ease of operation
  • Specially designed for minimal closing effort


Elegantly styled T5 finishing caps with attention to detail.

  • Provides closure to top of door seal to eliminate water penetration
  • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum
  • Provides finish detail to the T5 door system


Baths and showers for anyone to enjoy in a walk in tub.

Safety Tubs® universal design allows everyone in the family, including those experiencing age and mobility challenges, to enjoy safe, luxurious baths and showers. Our personal hand-held shower comes with 3 massage settings and its ergonomically designed handle is perfectly balanced for easy gripping and aiming, and can be mounted on a wall or on the tub itself. The low-entry, built-in handrail and slip-resistant tub floor are additional features of our walk-in tubs that make bathing safe and convenient.


Why should I buy a walkintub from Safety Tubs®?

Safety Tubs® walk-in tubs are designed for your independence, safety, comfort and convenience. Safety Tubs® is the most trusted name in walk-in tubs. They are designed by our team of world class engineers with input from thousands of customers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures your walk in tub is of the highest quality for years of enjoyment, peace of mind and trouble free use.

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