How to Care, Clean and Extend the Lifetime of Your Walk in Tub.

What is a walk in tub?How you care for your walk in tub will determine how long it will maintain its beauty and how long it will last in your home. You can extend the life of your walk in tub through simple maintenance like daily cleanings using the appropriate products and by following the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your walk in bathtub.

How to clean your walk in tub can vary depending on the type of water you have in your home. Having hard water, soft water, well water or another situation will determine the type of stains and deposits that end up on your bathtub. In general you want to use the product that is designed to clean and remove the types of stains and deposits you have problems with based on the type of water you have in your home, however be sure to read all and any indications carefully as they can also ruin the finish on your walk in tub.

The type of material your walk in tub is made out of will also determine how to care and clean it. Most walk in bathtubs are made of either fiberglass or acrylic.

Fiberglass is colored polyester resin sprayed onto a mold then reinforced with fine glass particles. Being porous and brittle, the gelcoat/fiberglass surface has a greater tendency to dull and discolor over time. It is typically easy to clean, however if it is not properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis it will stain and become dull. Because fiberglass has a coating over it which can wear off over time, it is recommended that you use products that are not too harsh or abrasive to avoid ruining and removing the gel coating.

Acrylic is a sheet of material that is heated and vacuum-formed over a mold, creating a continuous waterproof membrane. Acrylic finishes are non-porous and therefore are very easy to keep clean as well.  It is typically recommended that the walk in tub owner use non-abrasive products on acrylic, such as “Soft Scrub®” or any other NON ABRASIVE cleaners. Using an abrasive cleaner can dull the finish and possibly scratch the tub thereby ruining the finish and inviting rust, minerals, etc. to deposit into the scratches.  

Some components of your walk in tub may have problems over time due to normal wear and tear. Check with your manufacturer to see if they offer a warranty and be sure to find out exactly what the warranty covers. Some walk in bathtubs come with a lifetime warranty on their walk in door seal for example. Manufacturers usually offer a 1 year up to a 5 or even 10 year warranty on the walk in tub and its components.  Also be sure to ask about their faucets/fixtures as they often carry a one-year warranty as well. 

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