Explanation of Walk in Bathtub Sizes

What is a walk in tub?Most walk in tub manufacturer’s offer more than one size so that you have options based on your personal circumstances. You’ll also find that nearly all sizes fit into a standard bathtub space.  A standard bathtub space is usually around 60 inches long and 30 or 32 inches wide.  You can find walk in bath tubs that are larger than a standard tub as well as walk in tubs that are small enough to fit into a shower stall. You will find that most, if not all walk in tubs are quite a bit deeper than a standard bath tub. Some walk in tubs are designed to be sealed into the space similar to a standard tub, while other manufacturers offer a more temporary free-standing walk in tub which can be moved or removed at a later time.

What is a walk in tub?The largest walk in tub offered is around 60” x 32” which is the longest and deepest tub giving you the most room and most immersive bathing available in a walk in bath. It generally offers the largest door opening and is best for standing and showering and is best suited for larger bathers. It will have the largest water capacity while still fitting into the usual 60” standard bath tub opening.

The smallest tub offered is around 36” x 33” which still gives you the benefits and features a walk in tub offers while still being able to fit into even the smallest bathroom space available. There are many sizes in between including 51” x 30”, 51” x 26”, and 48” x 28” to name a few.

The mid-range size walk in bath tubs are great for your standard user. It will have less water capacity than the largest, however still offers a very immersive bathing experience and will also fit into the standard 60” opening. An optional extender kit, which fills in any additional spaces or gaps between the tub and your bathroom wall, can be purchased when ordering a shorter model tub.

What is a walk in tub?The smaller walk in tubs are best for tight spaces and petite users. They still offer a more immersive bathing experience than a standard bath while having less water capacity than the mid-range and largest walk in tubs. They too fit into the standard 60” opening and remember, you can fill gaps with the optional tub extender kit that is generally offered for the smaller walk in tubs.

Whichever size you choose for your bathroom you’ll find that most all;  regardless of size, come standard with features like the watertight door, chair height seat, grab bar, non-skid floor and deeper soaking dimensions which you won’t get from a standard tub.

In addition you can add the many options that most manufacturers offer such as whirlpool and / or air spa massage, heater, fast water removal system, left and right hand door configurations as well as drain position, and much more.

Check with the many different manufacturers for their specific size and options.

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