How Are Walk In Tubs Installed?

What is a walk in tub?Walk in tubs are designed for easy installation. Any local licensed plumber can install a walk in tub because many walk in tubs install like any other standard bathtub. In general, installation of a walk in bathtub requires basic plumbing skills. For installing a walk in tub all you need is a drain and incoming water supplies. 

The first thing that should be done is an inspection and water test of the unit to ensure the walk in tub is free of damage or defect. If you find damage or a leak, do not install the walk in bathtub, contact the manufacturer or follow your warranty instructions.

Next, the old bathtub must be removed. Turn off the water to the tub and remove any and all tub fixtures and external plumbing. Break the seal of caulk around the tub. Inspect the old plumbing and replace, fix, or adjust as necessary for new walk in tub. Once the old tub is removed and plumbing is correctly positioned the new walk in tub slides right into the existing tub space. Be sure the bathtub is level using a leveling tool. If it is not level, most walk in tubs have adjustable feet which can be moved to ensure unit is level. Once leveled proceed by following the manufacturers plumbing and electrical installation process. Then continue by following the fixture installation process which can vary depending on the style, etc.; so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation manual. Once fixtures have been installed run the water to ensure there are no leaks and that the water pressure is adequate. When installation is complete you can repair any drywall, tile or tub surround damage that was done during removal of the old tub and installation of the new tub and then proceed to caulk completely around your new walk in tub to seal it.

A basic installation including removing the old tub and installing the new walk in bathtub usually requires 1.5 days of labor, or less.

If you order a walk in bathtub with one of the hydrotherapy options, you will need to consult an electrician for the pumps, heaters, motors, etc. 

Extension kits are available for the smaller models, which allow the homeowner to install a smaller walk in tub into a 60 inch standard bathtub space.  The extension kit “fills in” the extra space or gap and even provides a shelf for a towel, bathrobe or other bathroom accessories. The installer cuts the extension kit down to the perfect size for your particular installation needs/space.

Be sure to follow all warnings, installation and operating instructions to avoid injury. If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation or operation of your walk in bath tub, seek the help of a qualified professional.

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