Walk in Tub Pricing

Walk in Tub PricingWalk in tubs come in a variety of sizes and models and often offer many different optional add-ons. Prices are going to vary depending on many things, including whether you are working directly with the manufacturer or a third party dealer as well as the quality of the walk in tub. You also want to take into consideration factors like what the tub is made of, warranty, what features are included, etc. You can purchase a walk in tub for under $2000 to upwards of $30,000 depending on those and other factors.

When it comes to models, sizes, materials, features and options, there are many things to consider in regards to pricing. Most manufacturers offer both low-end and high-end models, as well as some in between and sizes to fit all situations. However there are some manufacturers who only deal in the low-end walk in tubs and some who only deal with high-end models. It is a good idea to really do your research and look into more than just one dealer and manufacturer and make some comparisons. Some things for you to consider are what the walk in tub is made of. Some walk in tubs are made of cheaper materials such as fiberglass while others are made of a more superior material such as acrylic. Fiberglass is a cheaper material, however it won’t last as long or be as durable as one made of acrylic. Some walk in tubs may come standard with features such as a chair height seat, non-slip floor, handrail, warrantied door seal, massage system, and self-cleaning system for example; while others may consider those to be options which you can add at an extra cost to a basic or stripped model. There are brands that offer luxury options for an additional cost such as chromatherapy (light and color therapy), aromatherapy, built-in heater, quick drain, shower and more. However, keep in mind that these are extra options that you can choose to add to your walk in tub, they usually don’t come standard.

In general you should be able to find a high quality walk in tub with a warranty and many options for somewhere between $3300 and $8100.

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